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Everyone Deserves A Stage

by The Mystic Underground

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Here to brave the cold This wretched and cruel charade A spanner in the works A wash with resolve A smile that ends a war A touch that reverberates Still, i yearn for more Longing to burn I will wait and endure This winter's last stand Will you come for me Fragments, i recall Parties and other things The moments when we kissed Stolen away by dawn I've been waiting for signs Been hoping for clues I have little left to lose Words never said Tears never shed A spanner in the works Lurks forevermore
Today your all time preferred author Was someone's less than favourite daughter She lacks remorse for her trigger finger She aims at all those painted actors No time for friends, they never bothered She wears disdain like her coat of armor As the ink dries, they want her number When cynicism's all the rage The backlash comes Talent borrows, genius steals Talent borrows, genius steals Talent borrows, genius steals And everyone deserves a stage The backlash comes The backlash comes The cruelest maze, your younger years An endless race to a silent end She could have been your favourite author Regaled with tales of neglected others Empathetic and sympathetic Surprise, it's all her heart could muster Exasperated by pawns and fakers For context has long left the building She pines for charm but opts for loathing When cynicism's up for grabs The backlash comes Talent borrows, genius steals Talent borrows, genius steals Talent borrows, genius steals Talent borrows, genius steals
Well i took my leave of those hallowed halls Stripped me of my confidence Still I'm not all sure of my right from wrong But I can surely disappoint That's why they call me brazen and traitorous A libertine, alone to face the den Stand tall and proud, one day I hope I might Find a cause So they'll cast aspersions on my family name All the things long said and heard but true Yet despite the shots, I plot, I plan That house of mirrors will soon fall I'm raising hell with my indifference With the sinners, I will ride All these well-thought plans strapped across my back I'm scorn and fury's native son
We came from places unknown Big dreams, grand designs All the danger and a lust for thrill The night, it grins and it lies Let's run and hide in the wild of the streets That's just the way that it goes They'll never know the burn inside When the spirit and the heart collide To be adored, we'll pretend Pretty thing, let me see your scars We're silhouettes in the end We mean no harm, we're just kids Silly things you used to do and you still want to do Where have the lonely ones gone to? Pen to paper and the lure of the dance All we want is romance That's just the way that it goes Never care about the light of day They'll never take our love away Don't mind the poor jaded fools Lost souls won't break the rules Here's all they know, here they'll stay Refrain That's just the way it goes When the spirit and the heart collide That's just the way it goes Lost souls won't break the rules
We were told If we're bold If we'd broken the mold A new course will unfold But they lied Still we tried Sent out in the cold Is it worth it To ponder these Famous last words of a generation Have our thoughts turned to crimes How will we find our way back As the sand turns to glass So many shards, oooh it makes you wonder Did all this make us stronger Oooh it makes you wonder Promise turns to anger, only questions remain As these lines that we drew In the sand meant to hold Was there ever a plan It's the cross to be borne Blame laid at our feet Like we've been here before Have our thoughts turned to crimes So many pages we skipped As the sand turns to glass Too many shards, oooh it makes you wonder Did all this make us stronger Oooh it makes you ponder All of this and nothing, won't forget or forgive
A longing to share but a penchant to fear Hidden behind such conundrums and phases I need you to know, make it crystalline clear I'm shrouded in armour, wear myriad faces it's just a...slight case of overthinking let's forget that this happened I've written so long I don't how to speak Secrets concealed in elaborate phrases The bliss of a boy, the despair of a man Spun out of time, head in too many places A slight case of overthinking Let's forget that this happened Faint sound of a spirit breaking Unloved and forgotten Slight case of overthinking Spent much too long pretending No sense in comprehending Is my time here soon ending Wish i could be born again Wish i could be born again Wish i could be born again Wish i could be born again
Nothing changed, simply rearranged Something precious, something stale Gather close, let me share a tale Of a life that was doomed to fail Bonaparte, Mussolini too It's our cross to bear to be tempted by the crown All men break The plain and simple truth My domain, just a house of cards A flawed foundation, a hollowed heart Set a course, doubt, disgust remain Once full of pride, now drink to forget Lips that slip lead to panic fits See the clenched fists now with a tantrum close behind All men break The plain and simple truth We'll get what we deserve All men break Alexander and Caesar too Legacy's the drug, there's a single end in sight
Dearly beloved Somewhere, you're out there The wind is your whisper Enchanting and haunting This is forever Is this the end of me? Disarmed and rusted Regrets, I have but one Again, love is to blame A question is raised Another remains Are you the one that got away Damnation in comfort And sealed with a kiss The pillows have long grown cold A war rages on I fall on my sword Such elegance and presence A tug at the heartstrings There'll be no goodbyes This can't be the end I'll bear my soul to the world Was crippled by shyness I fled when you called Are you the one that got away? Sought respite in silence In song and in rhyme Were you the one who should have stayed? Dearly beloved Somewhere, you’re out there My dearly beloved Forever and ever
Dried-up tongue, he’s just a pretender He creeps and hovers, a public offender A scent so strong There's no mistaking this very shady character Game and swag He lacks them both, such a very tragic character Lines rehearsed, a perfected agenda Seeks his courage through the eye of a bottle Some might say There's no point saving this droll and tragic character Stone cold stares It's all the same for this unrepentant character One more night One more drink They won't know The depths he's seen
Subway ride gone to who knows where Heed the call of the nighttime's dare A painted smile is the grand design If anyone cares Is there an echo Have i gone mad If i were to scream, would I make a sound? I dance to hits in a darkened room I swing my hips in an empty room In love with the roar of the streets tonight There's no one around Is there an echo Is anyone out there In search of disaster at a quarter to three So goes another year Wishing that you were here So goes another year Of looking for you, my dear
She seeks her absolution Through digital validation Carefully constructed A void is never filled The hurt part of the deal And every whim surreal It's a gas, not so fast Simple minds pressed for time Simple pleasures come at a cost There's no love, there's no trust For every match, a hidden catch He takes out his frustration Through digital stimulation Constantly rejected A void is never filled Faces start to blur Rage grows with every page It will pass, not so fast Not so fast Angle Corner Lights Click Fake it till you make it Follow Friend Like Dread Fear of missing out
Lazy Sunday afternoon Those decisions we're to make They can wait till dawn Just another lonely day To drink this sin away Another hazy day To push this shame away Do wrap your hand 'round the glass Snd tell me how I won't grow old Won't go home Won't run in place We have all night and the next Come rest your head Right on my chest Stay forever Dare with me Please stay with me Tell me all your hopes and fears Spare me sorrow and the tears And apologies I'm not here to win or lose I'm desperate to survive This world so harsh and cold
In these darker moments, there's potential Suicidal moments, confidential What's there left of love? Strike me from above, won't you help me? What's the worth of love? The sound of broken glass, please remind me In these fleeting seconds, thoughts are harmful Apologies and memories, not too helpful You left me in a riot, optimistic But then nature had a laugh again, too hubristic Just a waste of time A figment of the mind, is there purpose Should space and time collide Would you respond in kind, i'll be waiting


Catalog Number: RE056

2023 finds The Mystic Underground pushing things a bit further with the forthcoming LP “Everyone Deserves A Stage” out on the 12th of May on Re:Mission Entertainment. The ten song opus features the blistering lead single “The Lonely Ones” and includes the band’s trademark brand of sardonic wit and passionate lyrics enveloped in captivating musical backdrops. The album will be available on digital and limited edition compact disc. The latter includes the band’s recently released singles “Peter” and “Digital” as well as an exclusive bonus track entitled “Optimistic”. This promises to be the band's finest work yet.

life...set to a dance beat


released May 12, 2023

benedetto Socci : the synthesizing
vladimir valette : the singing

all songs written and produced by:
the mystic underground

mixed by benedetto socci except 'the lonely ones' mixed by:
mike dextro

guitars on 'the one that got away' by:
jeremy alisaukas

mastered by:
jon craig of courthouse studios in manchester, england

band photo by:
william murray,

cover photo by:
alice teeple

digipak cd layout by:
wes turner

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